Sunday, 27 November 2011

What a Nini

Feel so silly. Was trying to send message to the Chloe for visiting my humble little blog and have somehow not sent a message at all but signed up to be a member of my own blog. Duh.
So hi Chloe and thanks for joining.

Friday, 25 November 2011


I've been inspired yet again for a new layout - one of  the challenges on Scrapz.Biz at the moment is to document what you or someone you know is wild about. Well, I'm just wild about Angry Birds. I'll let the journaling speak for itself.

Well it's Sunday today and inbetween helping out with a very lack lustre garage sale at our place I have fiddled around with my layout for and well... totally changed it.
Whenever I finish any layout I stick it up on a maganet board I have on the wall in my scrap space. That way I can admire what I have created or simply look at it and pick it to pieces like I have here. I just didn't like my first version on second viewing this morning.
I thought since this was a layout about me it should have my photo (albeit as small as possible - don't want to scare anyone) and then I reduced the size of the phone photo and changed things around. I think I'll stick with the new version.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011


<em>Fresh Fabric Treats</em>

I may wear black - alot,  but I really do love bright colours. I have been hording lots of bright fabrics over recent months with no real purpose other than they makes me happy to look at them.
Recently I found this book promoted on various blogs.
I really like the look of those little pre-cut piles of fabric you see at craft fairs/fabric shops and thought that it looked like a cute book with pretty colours/quilts.
So far I haven't got around to making a quilt but I have tried out a couple of blocks shown in the book and have turned two of my sample blocks into a cushion cover.

I'm really please with the results.
I was going to put this cushion back on our couch but it didn't last there too long before Sophie stole it for here bedroom. It was a fun small project and I want to create some more covers for use in Summer time. These are definately Summer colours I think.

Sunday, 20 November 2011


Another challenge.
I really like the sketch created for ScrapzBiz Fetch a Sketch Challenge. I had some cute photos of Ben with a little green frog that he and Sophie found while we where on holidays in Denmark WA early last year. We stayed a little out of town in a cabin in the bush and there were lots of creatures to be found. I wasn't so keen on the Huntsman spiders or the lizards but the frog was pretty cute.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Bird is the Word Challenge Blog

I said I would get creating this month and here is another creation. Ho, ho, ho, my kids tell me I'm not funny and they might be right. Anyway,: I'm always amazed by how quickly time flies and and I could have sworn these photos of Sophie's birthday were taken this year but no, they're from last year. Time is flying by way tooooooo quickly.

Scrap the girl

My scrapbooking has been taking a back seat to other less exciting things of late. This month I am determined to create.
This is my entry into the Scrap the Girls site. The requirements were to use predominantly pink (my favourite colour) use polka dots (my favourite, after stripes anyway) and use mulitple photos.
I'm really pleased with how this turned out and I'm glad that almost a year after being taken I have scrapped these pretty photos of Sophie. She always chooses a butterfly design if she gets a chance to have her face painted. I think this was one of the best she has had done. Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, 11 November 2011

11/11/11 - 11.11am

This is me at 11 past 11 on the 11th of the 11th, 2011.
I was at Karrinyup Shopping Centre. I had just bought myself THE cutest top ever and was coming out into the main shopping area. I saw the Christmas decorations and thought that would make a nice backdrop to my 11 photo.
Oops - cant work out how to turn this photo the right way up.
Never mind it's not that amazing - I just wanted to put it up.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

So Smart

I'm talking about my phone of course. My previous two year mobile phone contract ran out recently so it was time to upgrade my phone. How exciting! Of course I wanted to be like everyone else (as far as I can tell everyone seems to have one) and get an iPhone.
I already have an iPod Touch (which I got for my last birthday) which I love and use everyday for game play, watching tv shows on You Tube, looking things up on the internet, etc.
So with the iPhone plan being a rather expensive I went with the next best thing for a $29 cap - the Samsung Gallaxy S. OMG who needs an i-thingy. As far as I can tell it's every bit as good and it's all that I need. Love it!


Sunday, 6 November 2011


I too have fallen in love with the Japanese craft that's sweeping the nation - Amigurumi. Ok I may be a little late to join the rest of the world but recently Sophie (being a 10 year old girl) was interested in learning to crochet. The last time I tried to crochet I was around the same age. So fast forward 36 years and I had to try and remember how it went so I could help Sophie out.
When I learnt to crochet (back in the 70s when it was all the rage) I was never very good at it and could only really make beanies because no matter how hard I tried my projects always ended up being circular so doll beanies were my thing. I was a little better at knitting but only the basics.
Anyway, for the sake of helping Sophie out I borrowed some library books and found an online begginers course on u tube and re-mastered the art of crochet. This time I even managed to do it properly. OK I'm no expert but I was able to construct this little Amigurumi bear. Yeah, it's not perfect but Sophie loves it and that's all that matters. I've got to admit, I'm a little proud of it!
Sophie took this photo with the bear perched on our tomato plant growing in our backyard.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

The latest

I bought a collection kit of Echo Park (think it was called Playground) papers a few months back and every time I go to scrap a page about Ben these last few weeks,  those papers are the ones I go to each time.
The Froot Loops page was designed by me but the Biscuit page was from an online comp. I can't remember which one but I didn't end up entering because I didn't really like the layout so much. Never mind it's grown on me now and it's just a cute picture I wanted to scrap.