Sunday, 29 April 2012


Isn't she sweet.

I made her from a pattern downloaded from the DIY Dish. She can either be used as a pin cushion (I just couldn't do that to her) or a jewellery stand. Ok she doesn't hold much but she does look pretty wearing my wrap-around Pandora leather bracelet, as a necklace.
The base of the manequin is a candle stick holder. I didn't have one at home so went to look for one at my local op shop. I found this cute one for $2 in the first shop I visited, score!!! So this was quite an inexpensive project with the free downloaded pattern, fabric, ribbon and button from my stash and a two dollar stand. So pleased with the finished result. Will look great in my room.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

My baby boy

Ok, well my boy is no baby but his babyhood has been caputured here for a Baby Month Challenge.
All my baby pics are on film and therefore to use them on a layout I had to scan them. Unfortunately my scanner only scans pics at 600dpi which means they're grainy. I just changed them to b/w and printed them small. That seemed to work.
So here is my baby in all his glory from birth to age 1.
So pleased I finally used my Hambley overlay. I have had that for years but could never find a layout to use it on.
Ever since the Biggest Looser Challenge I have been trying to use up my stash - I've got a lotta stuff. Going well so far and havent bought anything much in a while.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Paper Planes

In the past my kids have tried selling stuff out the front of our house during the holidays. Once it was a lolly sale. But unfortunately it was a no sale situation.

Then they tried selling paper planes and chatterboxes that they made themselves. Unfortunately they had no luck with that one either. I didn't even bother to scrap that one. LOL

So when Ben told me (on Tuesday) he wanted to make loads of paper planes and sell them out the front of our house I reminded him of his lack of success in previous years. He was not put off and proceeded to make about 20 paper planes using his favourite paper plane making book that has some really awesome designs in it and fly really well.

So he sat outside with the heavy table and chair that he dragged out by himself and within 10 minutes he had his first sale - 2 planes to the next door neighbour for the grand total of 50cents. Wow, was he excited. He came running in and told me all about it. He sat outside making more planes for the next half hour or so. That's when he came up with the idea of knocking down his asking price from 25 cents to 10 cents a plane - he felt they were over priced and that's why they weren't selling so well. Not long after that he sold 10 planes to two little boys that live nearby. I was floored and he was over the moon. After that he sold another 5 or so planes and put in about four hours sitting out the front of our house. He made $1.70 that day.
Not long before Ben was going to pack up for the day the two boys that bought all the planes came by again but this time they brought Ben a thank you card and one of his own planes all coloured in. How sweet is that. That really made Ben's day.
So with so much success Ben couldn't resist trying his luck again yesterday. Ben set up his "shop" (with dad's advice of putting up the price to 50cents) and got ready for the customers. He sat out there as happy as Larry and believe it or not made over $11. Good on you Ben!

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Don't want to make anyone jealous

I thought I had better do a similar page (as the previous one featuring Sophie) for Ben. This one was a based on the fact that I was tidying up and came across a package of Heidi Swapp ghost shapes. I've had these shapes for at least 3 years (possibly more) and even though I use them from time to time they never seem to run out.
The shapes are crowns, flowers, butterflies, bookplates and stars.
I was looking at all the crowns and wondering how I was ever going to use them up. One thing led to another and I stuck them down and then got out my huge collection of Kaiser Rhinestones (I think I have a pack in almost every colour) and put them together.
I had fun fiddling around with all the elements and although the photo itself is a bit grainy (not the best) I'm pleased with the end result.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

My baby is soon to turn eleven

This month at it's baby month and I'm excited.
I started scrapbooking when Ben was about 18months old and Sophie was almost 4. I haven't done many baby pages mainly because I was trying to keep up with them growing and to be honest I don't have a lot of nice baby pics of them.
So I am going to delve into my photo albums and use my scanner for photos as I have done for this page.
This is Sophie in 2001 aged 3 months.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Homework - a necessary evil

Yep, homework at our house is tuff.
My boy who is in Year 4 this year hates homework. Don't most kids? I took this snapshot of Ben last year, mid thought but the looks of this.
This layout is for a challenge at as part of the Easter step-by-step. It was created based on a sketch by Chloe.