Thursday, 29 March 2012

Scrap the Girls

My beautiful girl Sophie turned 10 last year.
As well as some bought gifts I also surprised Sophie with this huge number 10 on her special day. We had a large cardboard box kicking around the house at that time (must have bought a new tv I think) and I had a brain wave late at night to make this ten and decorate it with some colourful scaps of paper I had stashed away. Add to that lots of Kindy Glitz and glue and the numbers were born - so to speak.
Anyway I have based my layout on those numbers (which Sophie has leaning up on her bookshelf) and I'm pretty pleased with the result.
Except for the scraps around the oval I have used mostly Echo Park Playground papers.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Love Hearts

I was pleasantly surprised the other day when I popped into Typo (cool stationary shop) to look around. I love most of their stuff but do try not to buy too much because really how many cute lined notebooks does one houshold need.
My sweet surprise was to find these cute pins. They were only $2.95 and there are just so many of them. I think they look so cute in the little wheel. I've already used a few in various layouts this month. Sweet.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Chicken is Yum!!!

It's especially yum when it's chocolate.
Since they have had Easter goodies in supermarkets since the beginning of the new year I think I held out from buying any choc egss for a good long while. However, in a moment of weakness I did buy this gorgeous little hen recently. It sits in my kitchen and looks lovely against the neutral toned tiles of my splashback. The kids have begged, on several occasions, to eat it but I'm gonna try and stand firm and save it for Easter.

This is my submission for Stuck!Sketches, March 15th.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Girl Talk

Another challenge under my belt this week.
I chose to us the fetch a sketch - rubons challenge to scrap a sweet pic of my girl and her BFF chatting as they walk along the river foreshore. I love this photo and a number of others taken on the day.
Thanks to Sheree for her cute sketch.

Tween or Tweenie

Either which way you say it my girl is a Tween. She's 10 going on 25. You know the type, interested in clothes, has an opinion on everything, seems to know everything and is a bit, well, cheeky.
Yet again I've been inspired by one of the challenges on Below is my submission for the base jump challenge with a focus on rub-ons.
About two years ago I was mad for rub-ons and couldn't get enough. I'm a bit over them now simply because my scrap stash is a little bit overflowing and also because a number of my older rub-ons weren't so rubby-ony and more scratch-ons. You know the type, the ones that you virtually have to rub a hole into your layout to adhere. There didn't seem to be one particular brand that did it so I got bored with them and moved onto stamps. They're like rub-ons but you can use them over and over again. Much better.
I do however have a number of rub-ons stored away and have had not trouble with these - mainly Hambley, Prima and 7gypsies. The rub ons are the large sewing manequin (the little ones are cut from a plastic/acetate sheet), the sewing  and the crown.