Thursday, 15 March 2012

Tween or Tweenie

Either which way you say it my girl is a Tween. She's 10 going on 25. You know the type, interested in clothes, has an opinion on everything, seems to know everything and is a bit, well, cheeky.
Yet again I've been inspired by one of the challenges on Below is my submission for the base jump challenge with a focus on rub-ons.
About two years ago I was mad for rub-ons and couldn't get enough. I'm a bit over them now simply because my scrap stash is a little bit overflowing and also because a number of my older rub-ons weren't so rubby-ony and more scratch-ons. You know the type, the ones that you virtually have to rub a hole into your layout to adhere. There didn't seem to be one particular brand that did it so I got bored with them and moved onto stamps. They're like rub-ons but you can use them over and over again. Much better.
I do however have a number of rub-ons stored away and have had not trouble with these - mainly Hambley, Prima and 7gypsies. The rub ons are the large sewing manequin (the little ones are cut from a plastic/acetate sheet), the sewing  and the crown.


  1. Fabulous page Natalie! Love the dress forms and your lovely mix of colour!

    Sheree xx

  2. Fantastic page Natalie! love the rub-ons you've used :-)