Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Paper Planes

In the past my kids have tried selling stuff out the front of our house during the holidays. Once it was a lolly sale. But unfortunately it was a no sale situation.

Then they tried selling paper planes and chatterboxes that they made themselves. Unfortunately they had no luck with that one either. I didn't even bother to scrap that one. LOL

So when Ben told me (on Tuesday) he wanted to make loads of paper planes and sell them out the front of our house I reminded him of his lack of success in previous years. He was not put off and proceeded to make about 20 paper planes using his favourite paper plane making book that has some really awesome designs in it and fly really well.

So he sat outside with the heavy table and chair that he dragged out by himself and within 10 minutes he had his first sale - 2 planes to the next door neighbour for the grand total of 50cents. Wow, was he excited. He came running in and told me all about it. He sat outside making more planes for the next half hour or so. That's when he came up with the idea of knocking down his asking price from 25 cents to 10 cents a plane - he felt they were over priced and that's why they weren't selling so well. Not long after that he sold 10 planes to two little boys that live nearby. I was floored and he was over the moon. After that he sold another 5 or so planes and put in about four hours sitting out the front of our house. He made $1.70 that day.
Not long before Ben was going to pack up for the day the two boys that bought all the planes came by again but this time they brought Ben a thank you card and one of his own planes all coloured in. How sweet is that. That really made Ben's day.
So with so much success Ben couldn't resist trying his luck again yesterday. Ben set up his "shop" (with dad's advice of putting up the price to 50cents) and got ready for the customers. He sat out there as happy as Larry and believe it or not made over $11. Good on you Ben!

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