Sunday, 9 September 2012

Do or Die

I did and I died.
I'm so sad that I have been eliminated from the first round of the Do or Die competition on I thought I would have had my entry in with plenty of time to spare but no, I was too late and I'm out.
For the first Do or Die challenge the layout had to draw inspiration from the following DVD cover.

Dead Man Walking Poster

It had to have contrast, include a key and/or a lock and the word day. This is my entry. It's pretty minimalist but it just felt right for that photo. I love this picture of my dad and my daughter (my dog too) outside my parents house. We live in Perth and my parents live on the Gold Coast and although the grandies and the grandkids only see each other every six months or less they really are very close and loving of each other. Well things are changing with my folks moving to Perth tomorrow. They have had enough of being so far apart from me (their only child) and the grandkids. So tomorrow we welcome them to our home and in a week or so they'll move into their own place in Mandurah.


  1. :-( so sad that you have been eliminated :-(
    Love this page tho - that chevron pp is awesome!! Love the key under the title :-)

  2. Oh bummer....this layout is awesome!! The photo is so cute - I am totally into the minimalist style ;0)