Thursday, 6 March 2014

Jot - March Mood Board

I'm a huge fan of Kim Jeffress and was thrilled to see that she had chosen this months mood board for Jot. I like her style and I love her use of colour.

I'm currently going through my stash and trying to get rid of stuff I haven't used in a while but some things I just can't part with even though I have no idea where I'll use it. These rub ons are one example. I bought these years ago (in a sale) and have only partially used them. I have never considered/tried using an entire pack of rub ons on one layout (I always think you should spread the cost out over several layouts) but with the mood board showing that great text wall and me with an almost unused packet of rub ons I figured well why the hell not and I went for it. Once again I've surprised myself and I love it. You know the saying use it or lose it well that's what I'm going for. Considering how much I have spent on my stash in the past why not use it.
Thanks for stopping by.
Here's hoping for some cooler weather.


  1. Love THIS!! Love the idea of using a whole pack of rubons, and I think it looks fabulous. So inspired right now!

  2. Great page, what an awesome idea to use all the rubons, it looks fab!

  3. Great layout! Love the use of the whole rub-on pack! Thanks for joining in on the Jot mood board challenge!!

  4. I love your use of the rub-ons Natalie! They look fantastic all grouped together and I love the splashes of colour on your page too! Thanks for joining in the challenge!