Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Mission 2

Mission 2 of the Biggest Loser is to create a layout based on the sketch by Nati.
This is layout is of Sophie in her nerd glasses which are in actual fact a pair of 3D glasses we got at the cinema last time we saw a 3D movie. Sophie got the idea from her BFF. All you have to do is pop out the lenses and nerd glasses are created.
I think she looks cute. She hasn't been brave enough to wear them out and about but she loves to wear them around the house. Her favourite part is pushing them up the bridge of her cute little nose by either pressing in the middle of the glasses or pushing on the side - she loves that bit. She is only 10 mind.


  1. Love the pop of pink on this page!! Cute story too :-)

  2. Very cool page Natalie! Lovin' those glasses!

    Sheree xx